Sunday, August 1, 2010

Rookies Win Ultimate Showcase, Las Vegas!!!

July 21-26

The 2016 Rookies traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada to compete in the Ultimate Showcase. The Rookies' first opponents were California King Basketball. They earned their first win in a very competitive game with a final score of 40-36. The Rookies won effortless over their next two opponents, Arizona Tuscon Spartan 53-19 and California 3Ball 52-14. With those wins the Rookies had a bye and took the time to enjoy a little fun Las Vegas style. They spent the day at Circus Circus and the Hoover Dam. Next up for the Rookies was California NOC, the Rookies won that contest 45-22. That win earned the Rookies a spot in the Championship. They would face their friends, Puerto Rico Torrimar Hawks. The Rookies took the Championship with a win of 40-31. The Hawkes presented the Rookies with wristbands and an invitation to Puerto Rico. The Rookies closed out their trip by celebrating the championship at ESPN Zone and the Las Vegas Aquarium.