Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rookies Host Superbowl Hoopfest and Win Championship

The Rookies Hosted the Superbowl Hoopfest January 29-30 at Nimitz High School. They went 4-0 and started with a win over Houston It;s On (7th grade). They had wins over the Gym Gladiators and Blue Chips (Griff). The Rookies earned a trip to the championship game and would face Team Swagger Force. The game was a hard fought battle with the Rookies winning 65-59. The Rookies are now 16-6 on the season with 2 Championships.

The 9U Rookies were introduced in this tournament and made a strong showing. They competed after only 1 practice and made us proud!

Next up for both teams DGibs Hoops Tournament.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rookies Win Championship In TKO Select Tournament

The Rookies won their 1st tournament of the 2010 season. They competed in the TKO Select tournament January 23-24. TKO Select was their first opponent and the Rookies won easily 44-25. The Rookies then went on to win against Houston Elite in a close game 39-37. Sunday, the Rookies opened with a win over Total Package 37-24. Rytes Silver played a close game but the Rookies won 47-45 and earned a spot in the championship game. The Rookies would face a rematch of Houston Elite. The Rookies won the contest 49-29.
The Rookies welcome new team member Reginald Hemphill!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rookies Compete in Tournaments

The Rookies closed out 2009 and opened 2010 playing in the Blue Chips Ronald Searles and Rytes Warriors tournaments. They went 2 - 5 with wins over TKO Select and Houston Cowboys. Loses were to Team TX, Swagger Force, Rytes Silver, and Blue Chips.